Paint And Draw Magazine – Issue 8


La Isleta Del Moro

This pastel of La Isleta is the subject of a workshop article I was commissioned to write for Paint and Draw magazine. The article features in the May issue which is on sale now. It appears on page 78 and covers six pages with description and photos of how I constructed the painting. The original pastel was bought by a couple for a villa in Desert Springs, Almeria.
Here is the link to the magazine…/paint-draw-may-20…/

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Paintings Sold Last Week


The Alhambra from Sacromonte

I sold these three watercolours last week to a collector in the UK who owns a holiday property in Vera, Almeria. They wanted a few original paintings of the area to hang in their English home to remind them of Spain. This watercolour above of the Alhambra painted in the autumn is very evocative of Granada, a city which they visit regularly and where they go to ski in the Sierra Nevada.


Fishing boat at Las Negras

This next painting of Las Negras is a view I see every day and I think is great image of the coast of Algeria and in particular of the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata.


Street in the Casco Antiguo, Almeria

Finally they chose this street scene in Almeria city. I was very pleased about this sale because I love painting the streets and corners of the old city but I do not think it is a very commercial subject. The three paintings are very different images of Andalucia but make a nice contrast and epitomise the region.

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Paint and Draw Magazine – Issue 6


Blue Door

Issue 6 of paint and draw magazine is now on sale. It features two, one page bitesize articles by me using these watercolours as illustrations. The painting of the Blue Door I used for explaining how to paint shadows.


St. Just – in – Roseland

This watercolour of St. Just – in – Roseland church I used to illustrate how to mix greens.

You can subscribe to the magazine on the following link –

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Create Harmony With Light



San Bartolomé, Albaicin, Granada

Issue 5 of Paint and Draw magazine is now on sale. It includes a six page article by me on page 72 titled “Create harmony with light” illustrating how to construct and paint a street scene in watercolour. The painting featured is one of Granada and the article includes photos of the various stages of the painting as well as my instruction text.
Here is the web site of the magazine –…/paint-and-draw-ma…/
Above is the featured painting

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Mayte in Black


Mayte in Black

I have just completed this commission of a watercolour of studies of the flamenco dancer Mayte Beltran. My clients had seen a small watercolour I had painted of Mayte last year wearing a red outfit and shawl when she performed at the feria in Las Negras. Mayte herself bought this painting. The clients, however wanted a larger painting, 50cm x 30cm and with the dancer wearing black. Fortunately I had some photos we took of Mayte wearing a black dress and this colourful shawl during a street performance in Las Negras about three years ago so I was able to refer to these for her costume in the painting.

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Pastel of Las Negras


Boats on the beach at Las Negras in pastel

I was commissioned to paint this coastal scene in pastel by a British couple for their villa in the east of the Province of Almeria. The subject, of course, is very familiar to me but they particularly wanted soft sunlight and an almost turquoise sea. Normally the colours are more vivid here and the sea a deeper blue but, fortunately, on recent sunny days the colours in Las Negras  in the morning have been exactly what they asked for so I have been able to complete the commission to their requirements.

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Nude in Pastel 2

This pastel study has just won first prize in the on line art contest – “Seductive”. There were 333 entries. It is one of my first figure studies in pastel and the original has been sold to a collector in Canada. I entered this painting, as I have already won art contests with seven other nudes in pastel and had not put this one in a contest before. To see more of my   paintings of nudes go to or

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