Commissions and Sales


Calle Victoria, Granada

I have completed three commissions in the last two weeks. I was asked by a Muslim couple in England for a painting of Granada where they went for their honeymoon last year. They wanted a street scene from the Albaicin with the Alhambra in the background but the paintings on my sites which they liked have all been sold. I offered to paint a watercolour especially for them. They were delighted for me to do this but wanted themselves incorporated into the painting. I completed the painting last week and here it is above.


St Just – in  – Roseland, Cornwall

I was then asked for a painting of St Just in Roseland church in Cornwall by a couple who had just returned from a holiday in the area. I have painted this lovely old church by a creek many times but all my originals have been sold. I said I would paint another for them. Normally I paint this church from the other side of the creek with more water and boats in the foreground and in sunshine. However, they said that the weather was dull and damp when they came across the church and this angle was their first view of it. They wanted a real reflection of their holiday so here is the painting which I have just completed for them.


Las Negras, Almeria

I was also asked to do a pastel portrait of a young boy dressed for his first communion. He is the son of restaurant owner in Las Negras but lives with his mother in Almeria so I had to work from a photo. The parents are delighted with the portrait but unfortunately I did not scan it so I cannot show it to you but I have also sold a painting of Las Negras recently so here is this instead.

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Recent Sales


Malpas, Cornwall

I have sold these  original paintings during the last few weeks.


Ferris Cottage, Trelissick, Cornwall

These two paintings of Cornwall were bought by a collector in England who visited the county on holiday last year.


San Pedro

I sold this watercolour  of San Pedro to a Spanish vistor to Las Negras during Semana Santa.


Almond Blossom in Andalucia

This painting of Almond Blossom in Andalucia has been bought on line by a collector in Cornwall, England.


The Coast from San Pedro

This sketch of San Pedro has been bought on line by a collector in England who has a holiday home in Malaga.


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Affordable Art


The Coast from San Pedro

I have only sold a few of my original paintings locally here in Las Negras. The resident population is tiny and, although we receive many visitors to our village and the Parque Natural, my watercolours are unfortunately too expensive for most of them. My standard watercolours are relatively large and contain a lot of work and detail. It takes me almost a week, working a few hours each weekday, to complete one painting so I need to charge about 200 euros unframed. Collectors on line from the USA and the UK are happy to pay this price for my original work but few of them are interested in paintings of where I live.


Cottage at San Pedro

There is so much to paint around here and the light and colors are superb so I have decided to enjoy myself painting local scenes but in a way that the originals will be more affordable.


Boats at Las Negras

By painting slightly smaller watercolours and using a more free style I have found that I can produce the paintings more quickly and therefore am able to sell them for only 50 euros. This is without compromising the quality of the work and still utilising the finest watercolor paper and professional paints. Here are the first sketches of Las Negras and San Pedro in the new style. I hope you like them


The Entrance

You can also see my work on

All enquiries

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Save the Pitas

Bee Eaters

Bee Eaters

We understand that the authorities want to destroy the agaves (pitas) in the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata where I live because they regard them as an invasive species not indigenous to the area. Our local paper has an article about this today.
Opponents of this, including myself, see the agave as a symbol of the Parque Natural and Almeria. Also, I have observed that they play an important role in supporting local birdlife. When the stems of the pitas shoot up from their spiky leaves, they produce clusters of vivid yellow-green flowers. These attract hosts of insects which, in turn, attract birds. Even when the plants have died, the woody stems offer perches for birds in what is a semi-arid and mostly treeless zone. Birds which I have seen in agaves include bee eaters, little owls, shrikes, hoopoes and great spotted cuckoos.
My pastel painting of bee eaters perched on an agave in the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata illustrates my point.

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Recent Sales


Puertas Azules

These are the original paintings I have sold so far this year. This watercolor of my neighbour, Ute’s garden in Las Negras has been sold to a collector in Cornwall, England.


Chapel Porth

This acrylic painting of Chapel Porth beach in Cornwall, England has been sold to a collector in London.


Dos Burros

This acrylic painting of my neighbour, Miguel’s donkeys in Las Negras has been sold to a couple from Scotland.


Walsingham Place, Truro

This watercolour of Walsingham Place, Truro, Cornwall has been bought by a collector in Canada.

All enquiries

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Woman Painter of the Year 2015


El Rincon de Manuel

Women artists earlier this month were invited to enter two paintings in this on line art competition. 146 artist’s submitted 290 paintings. I entered two very different paintings. The one above, El Rincon de Manuel, was voted second in the competition. It is a watercolour of my neighbour, Manuel, sitting in a corner of his farmyard on his finca in Las Negras.



My second entry, Carmen, was voted third just two votes behind my other work. This is one of my favourite pastel studies of a nude. The combined votes of my two winning paintings were well above the other competitors.

Both paintings have previously won first prize in other contests and are for sale. Enquiries –

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The Belly Dancer



My pastel of Hiedra has just won first prize in the on line art contest “The Belly Dancer”.  Hiedra lives in Orgiva but is a regular vistor to Las Negras and I painted this on her last visit when she peformed in El Brindi Negro.

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