The Lonely Digger

When author Margaret Merry’s 4-year-old granddaughter, Izzy, was staying on holiday, they walked together to a disused quarry on her land, upon which is an old abandoned digger.
On seeing the mechanical excavator, Izzy exclaimed, “Poor digger! It looks so lonely.” Thus, the story of The Lonely Digger came to life in Merry’s artistic imagination. Her wonderful tale about loneliness features her own illustrations.
After years of faithful service, Lola the mechanical digger, is abandoned by her owner. Very lonely, she is visited by a succession of forest creatures, none of which are able to stay long enough to become her friend.
Then she meets David, another lost soul. David is a lonely little boy whose passion is tinkering with mechanical devices. David’s father bought the quarry where Lola sits and suggests that the digger be cleaned up and painted. The town children decide to help and turn the quarry into their playground. Lola and David now have many new friends and will not be lonely again.

This children’s story will delight readers time and again as children learn about friendship.

About the Author

Margaret Merry spent five years at art college, three of them at Hornsey College of Art in London, where she obtained a diploma in art and design. Her paintings have been exhibited throughout the world. Merry lived and worked in Cornwall, England, for over 30 years and is one of the county’s most popular artists. In England, she published four other books that became local best sellers. In 2002, she moved to Spain and now lives with her husband near a mountain village between Granada and the coast. Merry has one son and two granddaughters and is currently working on several other children’s books.

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