The Wise Old Boar

Bruno, the hero of the story, is known by all the other animals as ?The Wise Old Boar because they seek his counsel whenever they have problems, not realising that he is, in fact, very stupid. He revels in the status bestowed upon him and deludes himself that he is, indeed, wise and clever.

The animals consult him about their problems but the advice he gives them is so silly that it doesn’t work. The animals have such faith in Bruno that they blame themselves for all their failures.

One day, the eagles warn of an approaching storm. Panic -stricken, the  animals run to Bruno for advice. The rain begins to fall and they all have to run for their lives. They take shelter in the bats? cave but when the rain pours in and the water rises, they are in danger of drowning. Bruno tries to climb in but the cave entrance is so narrow that he gets stuck, preventing more water from coming in. When the storm is over, the animals realise they can’t get out until Bruno sneezes and explodes out of the cave. Unintentionally, the boar has saved their lives and although he is no longer revered for his wisdom, he is, in their eyes, a hero. They applaud him and he decides that his new, heroic status is much better than being The Wise Old Boar.

About the Author

Merry lived and worked in Cornwall, England, for over 30 years and is one of the county’s most popular artists. She combined her artistic skills with her love for children to write this delightful fable.

Margaret Merry spent five years at art college, three of them at Hornsey College of Art in London, where she obtained a diploma in art and design. Her paintings have been exhibited throughout the world. In England, she published four other books that became local best sellers. In 2002, she moved to Spain and now lives with her husband near a mountain village between Granada and the coast. She has one son and two granddaughters.


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